Addiction Counselling

We have experience with everything from Alcohol Abuse, Prescriptions Drug Abuse, Narcotics & Substance Abuse, Sexual Behaviour, Pornography, Eating Disorders, Texting, The Internet and Social Media to name but a few. Addictions can have an extremely negative impact on the quality of our relationships and our ability to relate in a healthy manner. This results in isolation, fear and shame. If you are experiencing prolonged or recurring periods of compulsive, repetitive and dependent behaviour, there is help and support available.

Addictions hurt everyone involved and are devastating to the lives they affect. The addicted person may be in total denial, feeling that he or she doesn't have a problem. Or that person may feel completely helpless, and with each repeated act, his or her self-worth falls lower and lower. An addict loses touch with reality and their relationships in life crumble.

Addiction and its consequences can destroy lives. If you or a loved one needs assistance overcoming addictive-behaviour, we provide non-judgemental and practical guidance to a better life. Addiction can vary in almost every respect, so we always tailor our treatment programme to an individual's (or a group's) needs. Our programmes are designed to prevent relapses and to show each client that perseverance can change their lives permanently for the better.

Addiction Counselling and Psychotherapy helps develop a range of techniques for changing your thinking and your behaviour while enabling you to understand the origins and development of the addiction as a means of coping.

By simply talking through a client's circumstances, we can help them find the cause of the destructive behaviour and will work tirelessly to find a way to stop it for good.