Anger Management

Offering Anger management counselling, coaching, psychotherapy.

An ability to control one's temper is a crucial life-skill. If you find yourself snapping regularly or internalising anger, we can help you find practical ways to overcome it. What is anger costing you? At the very least, it can cost you to lose relationships and destroy your career.

What are the causes of Anger?

The cause of a person's anger is often rooted in their life experiences. Anger is often a natural response to things out of our control, but an inability to deal with it properly can lead to rash
decisions and, oftentimes, has negative consequences for a person's physical health - alongside their mental health.

Unhealthy or unreasonable anger is an over-reaction to a frustrating or insulting stimulus 

Does Anger Management Work?

Our Anger Management Programme has been helping people all over the world to discover a better life since 2005; with 84 per cent of participants saying it changed their lives for the better.

How does it work?

Through this programme, we will help a client break old habits and find new, more productive ways to deal with life's frustrations. Like our other programmes, it is available to both groups and individuals. Through talking with you, we will devise the best programme for you, so take the first step in managing anger by contacting us now via the button below