Relationship / Marriage Counselling

Marriage counselling or Relationship Counselling For Couples and Individuals Online or face to face in Tullamore, Mullingar and Portlaoise.

Marriage counselling or Relationship Counselling helps couples of all types recognise and resolve conflicts and improve their relationships. It can also provide an opportunity for change or growth within a relationship . Through counselling, each person can make thoughtful decisions about rebuilding their relationship or going their separate ways

Online Couples Counselling

As per best practice guidelines we work with many couples successfully via online/video sessions. These online session may help if you and your partner have busy schedules or are residing in different counties – allowing for easier appointment coordination. Online relationship counselling also allows for you and your partner to choose a location that is most comfortable for you to express your thoughts and feelings. In some cases you may find yourself and your partner are more open to communicate from the comfort of your own home without the stresses that face-to-face sessions can bring for some clients. Online couple counselling may not be appropriate for every couple so please contact our today to see how we can help you

Have you ever felt that your relationship is hard work?
Are you feeling unhappy and troubled, distressed and unable to cope?
Would better communication help?
Does the way you attempt to solve problems work?
Have you stopped listening to each other altogether because you’ve heard the same issues over and over again?


How can Counselling/Psychotherapy help a relationship in difficulty?

We at Midlands Mental Health Clinic offer a warm, empathic, safe, confidential and professional environment, where you can be heard and understood, and where you can explore  and understand what is troubling to you, as couple, in the relationship.

Couple or Marriage Counselling and Psychotherapy explores your issues and provides support in repairing the relationship, and provides If you are experiencing Relationship difficulties or behaviours which are having a negative impact on the quality of your life, or that of your partner, family and friends, then it is wise to seek the assistance of counselling. There are no issue too big or too small. Seeking help with conflict or dissatisfaction in your marriage or couple relationship.

We offer Counselling and Psychotherapy services for couples – help with conflict and communication problems.

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